Welcome to Tailor Made Peru

Tailor Made Peru is an international travel agency based in Peru and with many years of experience in the tourism industry in Latin America, with special focus on tours in Peru. We are an international team who are happy together in our work, to give our customers the best service and assistance through close personal contact .
We are always on spot in Peru to assist you on your trip. We all know the country and the people very well, and are always up to date with the daily happenings at close range. We usually know in advance when, for example, a strike may disrupt an agreed itinerary and can quickly make changes so that the trip will flow normally anyway. Similarly, we are in place if there is illness or an accident, and of course for daily advice and answers to your questions.
You can start and end your trip on any day of the year, it is your choice.

We have English speaking local guides in place at your destinations. This is to have guides that are constantly updated with current events and have daily contact with the resorts and attractions, and also to keep down the cost of the trip.

In order to find the best price and give the choice between different airlines, almost all of our customers book and pay their international flights on their own via the internet. Of course, we provide advice and assistance in connection with the purchase of the ticket, or even book international flights as part of the trip if you wish.

Our idea is to combine the highest quality with favorable prices in, order to offer our customers the most valuable tours in Peru. We work without intermediaries and therefore can offer favorable prices without compromising on our always high standards of quality of our service. We only work with the best hotels and operators in Peru, because we know that a satisfied customer is the best advertising we can get. Chose if you wish to stay at 3 -, 4 – or 5- star hotels, most of our guests chose 3-star hotel and finds them fully satisfying.

We are passionate about making your trip an unforgettable memory and our international staff is always on location in Peru for your service round the clock during the trip.

Why Tailor Made Peru

Our knowledge and experience

We are based in Peru and we have worked for many years in the travel business, so our managers, sales executives and other employees know all there is to know about tourism in Peru. Our sales executives who prepare your tour package have visited the places you are going to visit, which means they know how to put everything together. They speak fluently english and spanish and are well educated. Therefore you can be confident that we will prepare a great tour package for you that will meet all your expectations.

We are the Tour Operator

Unlike most travel agencies in Europe and the US we are a Tour Operator, which means that we make the reservations and arrange the travel logistics ourselves. Most travel agencies in Europe and the US buy their services from a local Tour Operator here in Peru. This means that you as a client have to pay a higher price for your tour, and it also means that it is hard for this travel agency to guarantee the quality of the services since they are relying on someone else to put together your tour package. We, on the other hand, can guarantee the quality since we are the actual Tour Operator. Since we are based in Peru we can make sure that everything runs smoothly without any problems.

Best Value

We are a Peruvian Tour Operator selling tours directly to our clients all over the world. There are no middlemen who want their share of the cake. This means that we can keep the prices as low as possible. With us you get the “Best Value” packages on the market. We do not spend a lot of money on marketing costs which our clients in the end have to pay through higher prices. Instead we rely on the word of mouth. This makes it crucial for us to have satisfied customers.

Sustainable Tourism

For us it is very important that our activities do not have a negative impact on the local people and environment, on the contrary, we want our business to have a positive impact on both the local communities and the environment. We have a Sustainable Tourism Policy that is influencing every decision made in our company, read more under the Sustainable Tourism section. We have committed ourselves to donate 1% of our profit every year to local development projects, we try to buy all our products and services locally, and we have as a goal to be carbon dioxide neutral by 2014.
We at Tailor Made Peru firmly believe in the importance of Sustainable Tourism. We want to contribute to raising the standard of living of the local communities in the areas where we are working and to improve the local environmental conservation. Ever since we started we have involved the local communities and worked with them as suppliers of goods and services and we are working hard to minimize our ecological footprints and instead contribute to creating a more sustainable society