A few hours away from Arequipa you will find the magical Colca Valley and Colca Canyon. The Colca Valley is packed of colorful pre-Incan agricultural terraces still being used for growing corn, barley, and wheat. The Colca Canyon is the second deepest canyon in the world, double the depth of the Grand Canyon and at the Cross of the Condor you can see the majestic flight of the condors and at the same time stare down on the Colca River, 3400 meters down in the Canyon.

You can see and experience many archeological sites in Colca Canyon, among others the caves of Mollepunko above Callalli where “rock art” (estimated to be 6,000 years old) is showing how they  domesticated the alpaca, the mummy of Paraqra, the Fortaleza de Chimpa, ruins of pre-Hispanic settlements in the valley, and much more.

You can enjoy and experience cultural attractions like the Wititi festival in Chivay, appointed a “cultural heritage” of Peru. The Colca area is also known for its crafts, things knitted from baby alpaca fiber that the people in the valley use in their daily lives, and that you can buy on your visit there.

Visitors often stay a couple of days extra in the valley to experience fantastic  trekking routes, river-rafting, horseback riding, or just to  relax in the breath-taking environment with baths in hot springs under  thousands of stars in the sky.

Trips to Colca Canyon

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