Discover the colonial town of Ica, Peru, home to the country’s national drink Pisco. Explore Ica’s oasis, vineyards and sand dunes when you travel with us at Tailor Made Peru!

Ica, Peru
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Ica, Peru boasts of vast sand dunes surrounding a picturesque desert oasis lined by palm trees. The landscape itself looks lifted straight out of a postcard and watching the sunset on the desert sand will surely leave you breathless.

Apart from the natural landscape, Ica makes for a perfect adventure setting. Try some sand sports, sample wines from Peruvian vineyards and have a taste of the Peruvian Pisco grape brandy. All these and more reasons not to miss the Ica during your trip to Peru.

Ica Tour Highlights

If Paracas’ shores are sites for birds and sea lions, Ica’s rolling sand dunes are the place for sand boarding and dune buggies! For a more relaxed trip, just enjoy the view of the dunes in one of the many restaurants along the Huacachina oasis. Here are some of the highlights of Ica tours Peru:

Ica Travel Tips And Information

Facts About Ica

The Ica region is comprised of four provinces, Ica, Pisco, Nazca, Chincha and Palpa, each with its own unique identity. Pisco, for example, is known for the production of the Pisco grape brandy, Nazca for its ancient geoglyphs and Ica for its characteristic dunes and vast desert.

The city of Ica was in the middle of a fertile valley, where Spaniards planted grapes brought from Spain’s Canary Islands, paving the way for the region’s wine production.

Recommended Activities

Apart from sand sports and desert exploration, several visitors highly recommend wine tasting and vineyard tours in Ica. Learn how Pisco is made through a visit to an exquisite Pisco cellar and bodega, and make sure to get a taste of sweet Peruvian wines.

Travel Information

Ica, fortunately, is sunny almost all year round, meaning tourists will get to enjoy a visit to the region during any season. Despite its massive desert, climate is relatively temperate, with an average high of 32°C. Best times to visit are around May to November, when the climate is warm and does not pass 24°C.

Here are some more travel tips during your Ica Tours:


  • Stay hydrated and always keep your own water bottle.
  • The area gets sun most of the year so bring sunblock and sunglasses for protection.
  • Temperature also drops drastically during winter months. Bring a jacket if you plan to visit during this season.
  • While we do our best to ensure the safety of our clients, we advise guests to take extra caution especially at night.
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