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Mancora is the most popular place in Peru for swimming, beach life, surfing and kitesurfing. Here in northwestern Peru, near the equator you find the best waves for surfing and surfers from all over the world come to visit. Here you also find the best beaches. The water is known for its turquoise color. Mancora also offers a very rich range of restarurants, discotheques, shopping, nightlife, etc.

Summer lasts from December to April and is very hot, the temperature can reach over + 38 C. It might rain at night. For the rest of the year the climate is dry, sunny, often with a refreshing breeze. The temperature never reaches below + 25 C in the day, usually it is between + 25 to + 30 C, at night it can drop to + 17 C.

The beach has over 30 “Beach Resorts” receiving tourists from all over the world, but predominantly from South America. There are a very large number of restaurants and night clubs, given that the city has only 10,000 inhabitants. The beach extends for kilometers, where you can walk and admire the large number of wave surfers, or maybe even try it yourself.

The town gives the impression of being very “private” and “empty” when you spend your day on the beaches while there is a vibrant life in the evenings and nights in a mixture with loud music.

The hotels are not situated in the centre of entertainment and shopping, but close enough to offer any service that you might need. You live in a calmer place on the beach where relaxation at the swimming-pool or on the beach are in the centre. Our guests appreciate these choices, in all ages.

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