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Sacred Valley, Peru is tucked between Cusco and Machu Picchu, and is equally rich in culture and natural landscapes. Join our Sacred Valley tours to see more of the preserved Peruvian history within this region.

Sacred Valley
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Sacred Valley, Peru lays close to Cusco and was a center for the Inca empire for the production of maize and other crops. The area was also a valley for wealth and health because of its its special geographical and climatic qualities, with climbing terraces on the mountain-sides and its beautiful peaks above, and the Urubamba river that has given the valley its form.

Sacred Valley tours are often grouped with Cusco city tours and treks to Machu Picchu for its strategic location. The valley, however, is a proper destination on its own - a majestic stretch of land lined with local villages and historic Inca sites.

Travel Packages That Include Sacred Valley Tours

We have guided tours all over Peru to allow our guests to immerse themselves in rich Peruvian history and nature.
Check our tour packages below to see adventures that include the Sacred Valley of the Incas:

Highlights of Sacred Valley, Peru Tours

Pisac and Ollantaytambo are two of the top spots in the Sacred Valley. A full day tour will take you to the colorful market in Pisac and several archaeological sites in Ollantaytambo. These Inca ruins include a massive fortress, the Princess Baths fountain and the Temple of The Sun. Here are some highlights to check out during your trip to the valley:

Sacred Valley Travel Tips

Some Facts About The Sacred Valley

The nearest major city to the Sacred Valley is Cusco, and tourists usually use this major city as a home base for adventures in the area. However, the Sacred Valley has a lower altitude of about 2,900 meters compared to Cusco’s 3,400-meter altitude. This makes the valley a good overnight spot to adapt to the elevation before heading to Cusco.

Here are more things to note during your Sacred Valley tour:

  • The area is a great place to shop for authentic Peruvian souvenirs! The Pisac market, for example, has impressive selections of locally-made handicrafts, especially textiles.
  • Because of the valley’s several attractions, visitors are offered a “tourist ticket” that covers entrance fees to most of these destinations. Of course, we’ll take care of these and more when you book our private tours!
  • A train ride from Ollantaytambo is the start of several Machu Picchu tours. The train will take visitors to Aguas Calientes, the town at the foot of Machu Picchu.

Things to do and try

Peru boasts of several adventures and some of these are best done in the Sacred Valley. Apart from the treks, visitors often do white water rafting and mountain bike tours. The Action Valley Adventure Park features a number of activities that adrenaline junkies are sure to enjoy, including the bungee jump known to be the highest in South America.

Another must try is the Peruvian delicacy called “Cuy,” a guinea pig either fried or roasted. This dish is said to be a Peruvian staple for over 5,000 years! Be sure to have a go at other authentic dishes during your Sacred Valley tour!

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