Trujillo is known as the city of eternal spring because of its blessed climate and festive atmosphere. This area was inhabited by two important ancient Peruvian civilizations; the Mochica and the Chimú and later it became an important vice royal city. The most famous attractions are Chan Chan and the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon.

Chan Chan is the largest mud city in the Americas and the ancient capital of the Chimú culture. UNESCO included it on the World Cultural Heritage List in 1986. Archeologists estimate that it was the home for over a hundred thousand people. Plazas, warehouses, workshops, houses, streets, walls and pyramid temples are all clearly defined in its structure and the enormous walls are decorated with reliefs of geometric figures.

The pyramid of the Sun was the political-administrative center and the Pyramid of the Moon the ceremonial center. The urban area between the two is composed of houses, avenues, alleys, corridors and squares. These components confirm the high level of religious, economical, political and social organization of the Moches.

Huanchaco is famous for the traditional rafts called the “little horses of totora reeds” that have been used by the fisherman on the north coast of Peru since pre-Columbian times, and are still being used. It is also one of the most popular beaches along the coast of Peru for surfers and it is famous for its fresh fish and seafood.

Activities: Trujillo city tour, Chan Chan, Pyramid of the Sun and Moon, Huanchaco, etc

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