We have all kinds of Peru tours that will satisfy your taste for fun, adventure and mystery. You will have a chance to explore everything about Peru from its history, art, and culture to its gorgeous geography and warm-hearted people.

Your destinations in your Peru vacation packages have been carefully selected based on our intimate knowledge of Peru and feedback from our guests. We’ll make sure you will have everything you need to make your trip as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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Types of Peru Tour Packages

We offer tours to Peru that include all of the must-see places. These tours range in length from 4 days for those who have limited time, to 17 days for those who want to have enough time to experience all the best that Peru has to offer.

If you’d rather visit other Peru destinations that were not included in your itinerary, feel free to use any of our comprehensive travel packages as a starting point. We can easily customize your tours for you at no additional cost!

Things to Do in Peru

You’ll never run out of things to do in Peru: from exploring epic adventure trails to riding a totora boat at one of Peru’s scenic beaches. Choose any of our Peru tours packages and you can experience the majestic wonders of Peru like Ernest Hemingway, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Nelson Rockefeller, and other celebrities did.

Take an alternative route to Machu Picchu without the need for Inca Trail permits.

Ride a Peruvian Paso horse on the slopes of the Andean Highlands with the snow-capped peaks and deep valleys.

Have fun kayaking on Lake Titicaca and enjoy an overnight stay at a local family’s home.

Surf to your heart’s content at Mancora, Punta Sal, Cabo Blanco, Miraflores, and many other beaches.

Best Cities to Visit

Visit Arequipa to see “Juanita”, the best preserved mummy in the Americas.

Enjoy the best cuisine in the world in Lima, Peru.

Explore the historic city of Cusco, declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Transport in Peru

Traveling to different cities and towns in Peru is easy when you book a Peru tours package with us. We take care of everything from the moment you get off the plane to start a memorable journey throughout the country. Enjoy a worry-free travel experience with our historic city tours, cultural excursions, and guided stops along the way.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the Peruvian landscape when you ride the Vistadome Rail to and from Aguas Calientes. Sit back and relax on the comfy leather seats while listening to the soft strains of traditional Peruvian music.


Take a ride on a cozy tourist bus from Puno to Cusco with several stops at picturesque places along the way. Visit Peru’s most beautiful churches and historical sites, and discover the innate beauty of Peruvian culture.

For our luxurious Peru tours, travelers receive first-class service onboard the Hiram Bingham and Belmond Andean Explorer trains. Take a nap in one of the plush carriages decorated with 1920s-inspired interiors. Settle down on leather seats covered with throw blankets made with the softest alpaca wool.

Accommodation in Peru

Travelers who like to spend time outdoors will love trekking through Peru’s famous trails and bunking down for the night in camps built on the Andean countryside. Sleep in tents or huts under a glittering night sky and marvel at the celestial beauty of the great river of Mayu, which was what the ancient Incas called the Milky Way.

Once you leave the Inca trail, you’ll get to sleep in comfort at one of Peru’s quality hostels. They’re clean and cozy with all the basic amenities you need.

For upgrades and custom tours, travelers have the option of staying at any of Peru’s 3-star, 4-star and 5-star hotels where guests experience greater comfort and extra amenities. For custom tours, users may book a tour through this form.

Travel Tips to Peru

Amazing Food in Peru

Savor the best Peruvian dishes on your way to Machu Picchu. Take a bite of grilled, marinated meats known as anticuchos. Enjoy a bowl of ceviche and have a taste of Peru’s most important delicacy: cuy.

Things to See and Do in Lima, Peru

You can’t walk around Lima without visiting its beautiful churches and historical ruins (huacas). Drop by at the Larco Museum and the Aliaga House. Stroll around Lima’s bohemian district, Barranco, and take a few minutes to sit down and contemplate life at the Bridge of Sighs before having your dinner at a local restaurant.

Making the Most of Peru

To make your Peru experience as rewarding as possible, check out these travel tips gleaned from our years of guiding tourists through the towns, cities, and trails of Peru.

Customize Your Peru Vacation Packages with Us!

If you wanted to get off the Gringo Trail and see a different side to Peru, plan your own itinerary and share it with us. We will do everything we can to accommodate your requests and make your trip the most memorable and comfortable of all.