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The historical center of Cusco with Plaza de Armas
The heart of Cusco, with churches, museums, restaurants, shops and not the least the daily life on the “Plaza”, with locals dressed in typical Andean clothes.

Sacsayhuaman (in the ourskirt of Cusco)
The ruin of an old fortress which shows the fantastic skill of architecture from the Inca epoch. The fortress was built by enormous stone blocks (some weights more than 300 tons) and each piece fits perfectly together with the other.

Planetarium Cusco (Reserva ecologica de LLaullipata)
Make a visit and learn about how the people of the Andes interpret the space. If it´s a clear night you may enjoy a fantastic starsky.

Iglesia de San Blas (San Blas)
A small beautiful church in the San Blas area with a beautiful view over the city and its towers.

Koricancha (Pampa del Castillo på Plazoleta Santo Domingo)
The most important temple of the Incas. Before the Spanish invasion the floor was covered with leafs of solid gold and the yard was filled with golden statues. The Spaniards wrote home to their king that the temple was “fantastic beyond all reality”.

The Cathedral of Cusco (Plaza de Armas)
The cathedral dominates the Plaza de Armas in its magnific style. The building from the 16th century is constructed as a cross and inside the church you may see almost 400 colonial paintings, including “The Holy Communion” painted by Marcos Zapata.

San Blas (San Blas)
San Blas is an old art district in Cusco and is the most picturesque part of the city, where you walk narrow and steep streets, surrounded by colonial houses with stone walls, which were built by the Inca people, and there are also many work-shops with art.

The Pre Columbian Art Museum (Plaza de las Nazarenas)
Here you will find pre columbian master pieces from different civilazations. The museum shows unique exaples of pre columbian art. The museum has a very pieceful atmosphere, while you walk from room to room watching beautiful and interesting art. In the building there is also a very nice restaurant.

The Jesus Society church (Plaza de Armas)
The church most known attraction is an altar, made by gold plundered by the Spaniards from the Inca people, but there are also beautiful paintings and many other things to see. If you climb the church tower to the top you will have a wonderful view of the square and may take photos.

Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo (604 Av El Sol)
Fantastic dances by fantastic dancers in in colourful costumes and traditional music. All dances and costumes have their origin in the Cusco area. This is a wonderful way to get a feeling of the ancient Peru with its history, culture, dances, music and traditions.

The Statue of Christ (in the outskirts of Cusco)
You may take a walk up to this statue of Christ. On arrival you will have a wonderful view over Cusco and its surroundings. The statue is situated just by the side of the Sacsayhuaman fortress, so its a good idea to visit both sites at the same time

Convento de Santa Catalina (Calle Santa Catalina Angosta 401)
Just the art and the beautiful gardens are well worth the visit. The atmosphere is wonderful and unique, and also from here you will have a wonderful view.

Plaza de las Nazarenas
A small square situated just behind Plaza de Armas. It´s a nice place to to have a cup of coffee and to watch the people walk by. There are many luxury hotels around the square.

The Chocolate Museum (Calle Garcilaso 210)
Here you will learn about the cocoa plant and how to make chocolate. The museum offers classes in making chocolate, an occupation to enjoy.


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