Most people associate treks in Peru with the Inca trail, one of the world´s most famous treks, but the Peruvian Andes has so much more to offer. There are hundreds of different treks in Peru, mostly in the Cusco- and the Cordillera Blanca area.
The best time for treks in Peru is may – august, when the weather is dry and sunny, although this is the time when you will meet the most people on the trekking routes. If you want to trek in Peru when it´s less people, it´s a good idea to trek during the months of april – may and september – october.
Most treks in Peru take place on high altitude, so be sure to acclimatize before making your trek in the Andes. On the Inca trail for example, you twice pass the altitude of 4000 meters above sea level. You ought to spend at least two days on high altitude before you make your trek, preferably more, it vary very much from person to person.
Book your treks in Peru with an established and well recommended agency. There are a lot of offers at low prices from agencies that are not so particular with service and security. You are in good hands if you book your trek with a good agency and make your trek in a group. For security reasons there are also three things to think about before trekking in the Andes:

  • The altitude, the sun, the cold,
  • Be sure to acclimatize properly, wear sun-blocker and a hat and wear proper clothes. The nights may be cold and a good idea is to bring long underwear.
  • Book your treks in Peru in good time, especially the Inca trail. The general recommendation is 5 – 6 months ahead.

Below you will find some of the treks in Peru that we offer. If you  want another trek that suits your wishes better in another area, we will be happy to offer that too.

Inca trail

Inca Trail 4 Day

This is the classic 4 day Inca Trail. Make sure you book it early since the permits sell out far in advance. It is one of the best treks in the whole ...

Inca Trail

Royal Inca Trail 2 Days

The Royal Inca Trail is the short 2 days version of the Inca Trail. You do one day of trekking and then stay overnight in Aguas Calientes. On the second day you ...

Machu Picchu

Choquequirao & Machu Picchu

This amazing 8 days trek goes to two of the most important archeological findings in Peru; Choquequirao and Machu Picchu. You will take an alternative route to Machu ...


Lares Trek 4 Days

The Lares trek is a great 4 day trek that takes you through many small villages and you will enjoy many beautiful landscapes and snow capped mountains. On the ...

Высоко в горах

Salkantay Trek

The Salkantay trek is 5 days long and a great alternative to the Inca Trail. There are fewer tourists on this trek and the landscapes are even more ...