Peru is, for good reasons, often referred to as the Adventure country of the world. With its three climate zones; the desert by the Pacific Ocean, the Andes with its snow-capped mountains and the Amazonian jungle, there are numerous opportunities to find activities in Peru for adventures all over the country. Below you will find examples of Peru adventure tours, on land, at sea and in the air.
You will also find more information about activities which can be experienced on your Peru adventure tour. And of course, if you have any special requests about adventure activities, contact us and we will do everything we can to make it happen.

If the packages for Peru adventure tours below don´t meet with your expectations, you can use them as models and tailor-make your own Peru adventure tour with us. Together we choose your destinations, events, adventures and the length of your journey.

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Peru Ultimate Adventure

The 20 day Peru Ultimate Adventure tour is perfect for the hardcore adventure travelers in Peru.  It is full of adventure activities in Peru, like; trekking in ...

Kayaking Tunnel

Peru Classic Adventure

This 14 days adventure tour in Peru includes the main highlights; Lima, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. In ...

Adventures in Peru


Peru is a hikers ‘ paradise, with peaks, valleys and mountain ranges which offer challenges of varying difficulty. The Peruvian Andes with Inca hiking trails as well as hiking trails through ruins from before the Inkas time, offers views of deep valleys, snow-capped peaks, waterfalls, glaciers and forests where you meet people known for their hospitality in their picturesque villages. Trails in Peru offers you endless combinations of all levels of experience and difficulty.


Peru is a country with perfect beaches for surfing all year round. The most popular parts are on the coast of north; Mancora, Punta Sal, Cabo Blanco and many other sites with beaches ideal for surfing, but also in Miraflores, Lima, where you always can see surfers in the bay from morning to night. Peru has some of the best surfers in the world and Lima was once a host of the World Cup of surfing. You can also take courses in surfing with professional teachers.

Mountain Climbing

The unique mountains in the Peruvian Andes offers a stunning setting for mountain climbing and begin to attract mountaineers from around the world, because they are easy to access and the climate is mild most of the year.
Huascarán is the highest mountain in Peru, 6788 m above sea level, and is located in the “Cordillera Blanca”. It is also the highest tropical mountain in the world.

Rock Climbing

On the southern coast of Peru you will find very good conditions for rock climbing overlooking the Pacific Ocean and its rolling waves, but of course also in the Andes where there are many places to practice this sport, such as outside Puno in the south and Cajamarca in the north. There is also the opportunity to participate in courses in rock climbing.

River rafting

There are many opportunities to experience rafting in Peru, mainly in the valleys of the Andes, The Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Colca Valley and numerous others, and many of our guests take the opportunity to enjoy this adventure on their Peru tour. The ultimate challenge is to paddle down the roaring Colca river and its 300 Rapids, but maybe it’s a good advice to start with something easier. The years 1979-81 was the Pole Jerzy Majcherczyk the first person in the world to go down all 120 kilometers of the river and its rapids to Arequipa.

Mountain Bike

You can run mountain bike in almost all parts of Peru and there are paths and roads of all kinds of difficulty, from beginner to expert. It is the fastest growing sport in Peru right now and you will meet cyclists across the country, tourist-bicyclists from all over the world but mostly in the Andean mountains. We offer tours where you ride through the countryside on the Andean Highlands with snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, picturesque villages with guides and using vehicles to take you through the parts that might be too difficult to ride.


Windsurfing has not been exercised much in Peru until now, it has mostly been wave-surfing, but in recent years has begun to appear more and more windsurfers, particularly on beaches on the northern coast of Peru, but you can also find very good conditions for windsurfing around Lima and the coast of Paracas.

Hang Gliding

In several places in Peru, but also in Miraflores, Lima, where our visitors often spend their first days and nights on their trip in Peru, you will have the opportunity to try hang gliding from the rocks in a park on the Pacific coast. A perfect start of your adventure tour in Peru.

Underwater Fishing

On the coast south of Lima and north of Piura and Tumbes, underwater fishing have been very popular for many years. The Peruvian waters are home to a large variety of species of fish and an ideal country to experience a different way to fish.

Horse back riding in Peru

Experience a horseback riding excursion in the Sacred Valley on the Peruvian Paso horse. A different riding experience in the slopes of the breathtaking nature.

Sandboarding and Beach buggies

For those who visit the Paracas, Ica and Nazca on his trip in Peru, it is very popular to exercise sandboarding on the dunes in the desert. For those of you who have experience of snowboarding, the difference is not so big, sand instead of snow though..
At the same time, you can experience another popular adventure, taking a tour in the desert in a beach buggy, which often ends up with a dip in a swimming pool in an oasis.


Peru has a long coastline of the Pacific Ocean and is a country with a large fish-industry. There is a large variety of species of fish and many basic and beaches that are perfect for fishing. Like the writer Ernest Hemmingway, who visited Peru many times for fishing and there also had the idea to write “*The old man and the sea”, you are here able to catch tuna, croakers, drums, pacific sea bass, flounder, and black marlin on your deep sea fishing. The largest black marlin caught in the world had a weight of 702 kg and was captured in Peru. You can also find great saltwater fishing in and around Lima along the coast, but Peru also has freshwater fishing in the lakes and rivers of the Andes, mostly trout.
The ultimate fishing experience, however, is to follow in the tracks of Ernest Hemmingway and exercise deep sea fishing in the northern part of the country, perhaps at Cabo Blanco, where many other famous people have made visits for fishing; Prince Philip of Edinburgh, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Nelson Rockefeller, Bob Hope, and many others.